Recording of my talk on volumetric lighting

Forgot to mention this earlier, but the guys behind the Digital Dragons conference also uploaded the recordings of some of the talks to YouTube – including mine on volumetric lighting from May. Sadly they added a big fat typo to the title there, but… Anyhow:

The Rendering Technology of Lords of the Fallen

My colleague Philip Hammer also opened his slides from yesterday at the Digital Dragons conference to the public. You can directly download the slides via Dropbox or preview them on Slideshare. They cover a lot of the available graphical features briefly and should give you a great insight into the general rendering architecture that we’ve developed for Lords of the Fallen – and our engine Fledge.

Preview (via Slideshare):

Volumetric Lighting for Many Lights in Lords of the Fallen

I’ve just added the slides to my talk from yesterday at the Digital Dragons conference to the publications section.

The presentation gives you an in-depth insight into the volumetric lighting system we’ve developed for Lords of the Fallen:

If you’ve got any further questions, just hit me on Twitter – or simply use the contact form.

Enjoy! :)

Update 1: I’ve also added all the video clips I showed during the talk.
Update 2: The slides are now also available on Slideshare:
Update 3: An alternative version of the slides including my rough presenter notes is now also available.